evictionAdverse Possession often gets a bad press, typically referred to as squatters rights. In fact it is the laws way of regulating the use of land and ensuring that land cannot become stale or unused because of the lack of any identifiable legal owner. Ian Procter here at Green Solicitors has extensive experience of all matters involving adverse possession and regularly appears in the Courts and Land Tribunals upon and down the country conducting cases on this issue.

Because of Ian’s experience in these matters he is able to give very quick usually off the cuff advice concerning matters of adverse possession. This firm never charges for initial advice, we always want to understand a client’s problems properly before we advise them of how their problem can be moved forward and indeed whether we can help them. That advice is always given free irrespective of the length of any consultation necessary to get to the bottom of the facts that are relevant. Do not hesitate to contact Ian Procter at Green Solicitors for any problem relating to adverse possession.

The starting point for adverse possession is 12 years possession in the case of unregistered land or 10 years in the case of registered land, but of course this is a gross simplification of the reality of the situation. Other commentators go into a little more detail on their websites, however it is impractical to go into sufficient detail to give really useful advice. We would much rather speak to somebody over the telephone and discuss their exact individual circumstances than set out here broad brush comments which generally are not that helpful. We would invite you to make contact by telephone if you feel we can be of any assistance or if you have a query concerning this area of the law.