Boundary disputes often get a bad press in the news, those pursuing them are seen to be mean minded or litigious, however usually in our experience even the most modest distance on the ground can have a catastrophic effect on one parties ability to enjoy their property. Typically a boundary dispute will involve also access problems or the determination of the ownership of a particular tree or feature on the ground or indeed the ability to develop or not develop, these things can often be decided over what are on the ground only a few inches but to the properties concerned represent a very significant effect.

Ian Procter has significant experience with boundary disputes having appeared in the Court of Appeal on several occasions in relation to such arguments.

(Dr Forrester v Gornall EWCA and more recently Sanderson and Pull v Davill [2009] EWCA Civ 1309.)

Because of Ian’s experience in these matters he is able to give very quick usually off the cuff advice concerning matters of boundaries and boundary problems. This firm never charges for initial advice, we always want to understand a client’s problems properly before we advise them of how their problem can be moved forward and indeed whether we can help them. That advice is always given free irrespective of the length of any consultation necessary to get to the bottom of the facts that are relevant.

Do not hesitate to contact Ian Procter at Green Solicitors for any problem relating to boundaries.

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