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Building Disputes / Cowboy Builders

Building Disputes are a stressful and common problem. Few people engaging builders have sufficient technical knowledge to know when things are going wrong until a late stage, by which time they can fell trapped with that builder and fobbed off with excuses. Usually, the process of putting matters right involves recovering substantial compensation from the original builders or their insurers and appointing new builders under the supervision of structural engineers to make good and complete, perhaps from the ground up.

Here at Green Solicitors we have decades of experience helping people with problem builders, we have a network of trusted experts to whom we can turn for detailed technical advice and to assist the Court if Court Proceedings are necessary (often they are not and a resolution can be reached by agreement). If the Court process is required we are able to draw on the services of the very best Barristers in the field with whom we have an excellent relationship going back decades too.

We understand the stress, the technical issues and just how to get to a satisfactory conclusion economically and efficiently. If you have Cowboy Builders, Problem Builders or Building Problems, please call and speak to Ian Procter LL.B. Hons, Solicitor for an informal chat, without obligation to see how we can help you – 01254 822330.