Land LitigationLand litigation is, as the phrase would suggest, litigation concerning rights in land. Common disputes include:

  • Rights of way public or private, including both through-rights and access
  • Boundary disputeswhether the boundaries are in the right place, type of boundary fencing
  • Ownership disputes (Land Registry) –¬†if there is a disagreement between both parties as to the correct ownership, particular if deeds are unclear

Very often the dispute is over what appears to outsiders to be a very small area but a matter of even a few inches can in the right circumstances be very significant and can alter the future value of the property or land.

Land litigation need not necessarily involve the Courts, there are other forums that regulate disputes in land, these include the Lands Tribunal, the Adjudicator to the Land Registry together with the County and High Courts.

We have undertaken land litigation disputes throughout the UK, however due to our location, we have specialist knowledge about local bye-laws and published settlement details within the areas of Burnley, Lancashire, Blackburn and Clitheroe.

We have extensive experience in all Tribunals and forums involved in the regulation of land and can offer you free and swift advice about any issue about which you have concerns or trouble.

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We also offer advice specific to property disputes such as: