litigationWe specialise in all aspects of litigation (litigation is action though the Court system between one party and another). This usually involves individuals suing individuals, companies suing companies or individuals suing companies and vice versa.

Our areas of work include employment law, debts and contractual rights and in particular we specialise in litigation concerning rights and wrongs involving land, such as rights of way, easements, boundaries, restrictive covenants, problems with the Land Registry, problems with neighbours, antisocial behaviour between neighbours, obstructions to rights of way, noise, smoke, nuisance etc. Contested probate, we give advice and assistance where wills are disputed or contentious.

We regularly act for Claimants and for Defendants. We act for individuals and we act for companies. This means we are able to understand the other side’s perspectives and see the bigger picture. What we do not do are areas of work we are not specialist in, for instance we do not do any criminal work, we do not do any matrimonial or family work, we do not do work in the criminal courts (Magistrates or Crown), we do not do conveyancing although we are experts in land litigation.


By specialising in those areas of work which we do cover we are able to offer our clients an exceptional service and we have close links with true experts in the relevant discipline areas.

We are centrally placed within the north of England but provide services nationwide and we regularly attend Newcastle County Court, Manchester County Court, Preston County Court and the Royal Courts of Justice.


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