neighboursHere at Green Solicitors we have extensive experience of neighbour relates problems and disputes, this means we can quickly get to the heart of what legal remedies are available to our clients and to anybody seeking our advice.

Ian Procter has experience in all Courts involving such matters and recently in the Court of Appeal in the case of Raymond v Young [2015] EWCA Civ 456.

We are able to deal with neighbour disputes at their most simple and up to their most extreme. Whether you require a simple letter of warning to an errant neighbour or whether you require proceedings to be issued to obtain an injunction, damages and costs, we are able to accept instructions at all levels.

This firm never charges for initial advice, we always want to understand a client’s problems properly before we advise them of how their problem can be moved forward and indeed whether we can help them. That advice is always given free irrespective of the length of any consultation necessary to get to the bottom of the facts that are relevant.

Ian Proctor solicitor for Neighbour Disputes Clitheroe, Longridge, Burnley, Blackburn and also Nation wide.