Nuisance Neighbours  /  Neighbours from Hell

Your home is your sanctuary but when your neighbours conduct makes it feel less like a castle and more like a prison sentence it is time to act. We specialise in applying the Law to problem neighbours. The Law expects people to get along with each other and not cause harassment or upset, of course there are times in life where people have differing views or lifestyles but we all know when the line has been crossed and the Court will not hesitate to issue an injunction where neighbours repeatedly cross that line, the Courts can also award damages (compensation) which can be substantial and the return of your legal costs.

Here at Green Solicitors we have decades of experience in this area of Law and have acted in leading cases which have established current Case Law (principles that the Courts must follow) see Davill v Pull & Sanderson [2009] EWCA Civ 1309  and Raymond v Young [2015] EWCA civ 456.

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