probateProbate is the administration of a will following somebody’s death. It involves the executors taking legal ownership of the deceased’s assets and then administrating them under the trust created by the will.

Probate can at its simplest be a relatively straightforward exercise, it can also be extremely complicated especially where there is a dispute about either the will itself or how the will should be administered or about any of the assets in the estate. Ian Procter Solicitor Advocate has extensive experience in resolving probate problems and is able to do so efficiently and usually quickly. Where Court proceedings are necessary we are well placed to conduct those, this firm specialises in litigation and our Mr Procter enjoys Higher Rights of Audience and is able to conduct proceedings in all Courts.

This firm never charges for initial advice, we always want to understand a client’s problems properly before we advise them of how their problem can be moved forward and indeed whether we can help them.

That advice is always given free irrespective of the length of any consultation necessary to get to the bottom of the facts that are relevant. Do not hesitate to contact Ian Procter at Green Solicitors for any problem relating to probate.

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